Mystery of Kim Noble and her many personalities

(ORDO NEWS) — The human mind can at times seem like a strange, unexplored wilderness. We have barely begun to understand many of its mysteries, and it can often seem like a strange alien territory, a final frontier even stranger than space or the dark depths of the sea.

From time to time there are people who challenge everything we know and offer us a glimpse into this abyss and its many rabbit holes, offering glimpses and flashes of understanding of this obscure realm.

One of them is undoubtedly the modest woman from England, whose psyche has disintegrated into many separate entities, and who represents one of the most bizarre and intense cases of multiple personalities.

Mystery of Kim Noble and her many personalities 2

The woman known as Kim Noble was born in 1960 in Croydon, South London, England, to what seemed like an ordinary child with her whole life ahead of her and a future full of possibilities.

Although her parents, two factory workers, were very busy most of the time and didn’t have much time to spend with her, she still seemed normal and healthy at first, with a bright future ahead of her. However, around the age of three, her life began to take a dark and very strange turn.

Kim began exhibiting bizarre behavior including extreme mood swings, outbursts, and personality changes. She did or said things she couldn’t remember, suddenly found herself in a place with no memory of how she got there, and generally experienced huge gaps in short-term memory that couldn’t be explained.

Mystery of Kim Noble and her many personalities 3

All this puzzled her parents and caused problems at school, and by the age of 14 she began to be transferred to homes for difficult teenagers. At 20 years old, Kim somehow managed to earn a living doing various part-time jobs, but these memory lapses, sudden blackouts and lost time continued to haunt her.

She was treated in various psychiatric hospitals and was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia, but the medications she was given didn’t help and she continued to have strange memory lapses, waking up in places she didn’t remember how she got to, or in clothes she didn’t remember putting on.

Mystery of Kim Noble and her many personalities 4

She became increasingly depressed, addicted to alcohol and drugs to which she attributed her memory lapses, suffered from anorexia and bulimia, but some of these strange occurrences became more and more dangerous, for example, when she crashed her truck into a row of parked cars, and then the doctors looked at her again and realized that something else was wrong with her.

It became obvious that she was living a normal life, she was just divided among several people.

Mystery of Kim Noble and her many personalities 5

Kim has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID), known as “split personality disorder”, in which a person’s mind or psyche splits into two or more separate personalities or identities inhabiting the same mind.

In Kim’s case, these separate entities have no idea what others are doing, do not remember what they did before they appeared, and do not communicate with each other.

These personalities switch suddenly and without warning, often with the new person having no idea where they have been or why, creating a frightening and traumatic situation.

These switches occur four to five times a day, although due to lack of sleep or stress, they may occur more frequently, and may last from a few minutes to several hours or even days, and it is usually not known who will come out and take over Kim’s body during this time. which would lead to the loss of consciousness she had experienced all her life.

Mystery of Kim Noble and her many personalities 6

In Kim’s case, about 100 separate people live in her fragmented head. Some of these include a dominant personality named Patricia, Missy’s eternal child, an anorexic painter Judy who usually comes in at meal times and thinks she weighs 200 pounds despite Kim’s slender figure, Abi who is lonely and constantly looking for love, Bonnie, mother with a young daughter, Salome, a devout Catholic, a little boy named Diabal who writes only in Latin, a depressed twenty-year-old Ken, a cheerful Hayley, a Water Spirit who loves to take baths, a 12-year-old girl named Ria, a motherly Dawn, a suicidal Rebecca and a lot others.

Some of them seem to be frozen in time, such as Missy’s child who will never grow up, while others have a distorted perception of their appearance, for example, Judy considers herself obese and leaves size 14 clothes around the house, and male personalities, looking in the mirror see a man, not a woman.

These clashing personalities take over, live their own lives of their own, and then disappear without the others even knowing it, and the Patricia persona said of this strange predicament:

“ To most of the outside world, I am Kim Noble and I will answer to that name. But in reality, her mind was shattered into fragments before she could speak, leaving behind a multitude of alter egos. Coming back to life after a personality change is like waking up from a dream.

Mystery of Kim Noble and her many personalities 7

You need to blink for a few seconds and look around in order to orient yourself, to understand who I am with, where I am and what I am doing.

I can disappear from my couch and wake up in a pub or a supermarket or even driving a car with no idea where I’m going. I never know if I’m going or not. I can switch at the door, like in a doctor’s office, and think, “Did I just walk in?” You can’t ask, so I just leave.

I can go shopping, be in the middle of one of the shops, and suddenly there is a switch. The person who replaced me might not bother to complete the purchases. It can happen while I am driving. If I go to a meeting and go up a hill, then I end up down again. It’s so frustrating.

Obviously my body just can’t get there. Once, when I went for gas, I filled up, and there was a switch. I just left without paying. When we returned the next time, they had our registration number. They were not happy, but I just paid.

The main problem I have is memory between personalities. When the body is occupied by another person, I don’t remember anything and I don’t know what happened. Before I was diagnosed, I didn’t know why I had such memory lapses. When I am alone at home, I lose time when another personality takes over.

Mystery of Kim Noble and her many personalities 8

Sometimes I can wear five different outfits in one morning. It’s normal for me to drive to the store and come home with a trunk full of groceries I don’t need… It’s opening a closet and finding clothes I didn’t buy, or delivering a pizza I didn’t order.

I don’t know these individuals as people. I can’t sit down and talk to them, which is a pity, because then I would never be lonely.

I leave notes for all of them and Judy usually tells me to mind my own business and get on with my life. These disparate personalities are, in fact, completely separate people in one body, with most of them not even aware of the existence of others, and only a few of them are aware that they have other personalities ”

This makes life difficult for Kim, especially when she’s dating guys she’s never seen before and looking for someone else, or when a friend of one of the others who she doesn’t recognize comes to visit.

Mystery of Kim Noble and her many personalities 9

Things got really weird when Kim gave birth to her daughter Aimee. Although Patricia conceived a child with her boyfriend, it was actually Dawn who gave birth to her, and then Bonnie took over the duties of raising the child, with Dawn thinking that she actually gave birth to a child named Sky, who was taken from her. It’s complicated.

Given all this, the courts took Amy away for the first 6 months, but she was returned after a lengthy legal battle led by Bonnie, after which it was decided that none of the personalities who moved into Kim posed a threat to the child’s life.

As for Aimee herself, she grew up with all these different people in her mother’s body, got to know them and learned more about them than Kim herself could ever hope to do. Various personalities also got used to the idea of ​​having a child and became very fond of Aimee. Kim said:

“ From a very early age, Aimee has seen different personalities come out of her mother. She had learned, almost subconsciously, to accept each of them as an individual in their own right. Aimee is not only my number one priority.

All personalities love her – that’s why Christmas and birthdays are so fun. It’s not unusual for Amy to receive gifts from a dozen of us.

They all buy their own gifts. I can’t complain even when I see my money disappear. After all, credit cards have Kim Noble’s name on them, not mine. They have just as much right to spend money as anyone else .”

Mystery of Kim Noble and her many personalities 10

It is interesting that, although DID ( Split Personality is a very rare complex disease in which a person’s personality is divided into two parts, as if they live separately from each other.

Such an ailment manifests itself in the fact that, under certain conditions, the patient “switches” one personality to most often triggered by some extremely traumatic experience that causes the person’s mind to fragment in order to deal with it, none of Kim’s many personalities seem to remember such an experience.

This may all seem rather bizarre and science fiction, but it is a very real condition that many people experience, and Kim’s case has been studied and puzzled by many doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists.

DID is also certainly a real phenomenon, and Graham Galton, a consultant psychotherapist at the Dissociative Research Clinic in London, had the following to say about it:

“Dissociative identity disorder is a complex post-traumatic stress disorder. Its psychological purpose is to protect the mind when a traumatic event has occurred. To do this, the mind separates the memory of the trauma into a separate personality.

This means that in its most original and true form, there is an amnesic barrier (memory) between different states of the personality, although some people may experience flashbacks or nightmares.

People may have only two or three personalities, but I work with some people who have a huge number of them. Sometimes people who have experienced multiple traumas, especially in childhood, have separate identities for each traumatic incident.”

In recent years, Kim has been in intensive therapy to try and find a stable state and hopefully integrate some of her many personalities into one.

Mystery of Kim Noble and her many personalities 11

She took up art as a therapeutic exercise and was joined by many of her personalities, all with vastly different styles of drawing and painting, so it’s hard to believe they were all made by the same hand.

In the meantime, the Patrician personality wrote a memoir of her experience called “The Whole Me” and for the most part they have come to terms with their mysterious position.

What’s going on with this mysterious woman?

What mysteries of the mind are revealed here?

How can so many separate entities be in one skull and still not know about each other?

The case of Kim Noble has become one of the strangest and most intriguing studies of multiple personalities, and it looks like we will never fully understand how deep this problem is.


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