More than 100 people in Australia affected by hallucinogenic spinach

(ORDO NEWS) — Spinach, which causes delusions and hallucinations, is being recalled from store shelves in Australia. 120 people, including children, have already suffered from the use of dangerous greens.

Infected spinach was sold at Costco stores in New South Wales. People who were poisoned by it showed serious symptoms: confusion, hallucinations, delirium, dilated pupils, redness of the skin, rapid heartbeat, blurred vision, dry mouth and fever.

All the victims needed medical attention, and their powerful hallucinations did not stop for a week: people saw something that was not really there. Despite the severity of the poisoning, no one has yet died.

“Initial investigations suggest the presence of an incidental contaminant in the food product.

NSW Health is working with the New South Wales Food Control Authority, as well as other jurisdictions, to further investigate the issue,” the state health agency said.

The spinach is believed to have been infected by an unknown weed. Officials asked citizens to get rid of purchased spinach in order to avoid new poisonings.

Earlier in Italy, a resident of Bologna accidentally received a box of 7 kg of hallucinogens instead of the shoes he ordered.


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