More than 10 wandering black holes have been counted in our galaxy

(ORDO NEWS) — There may be quite a few wandering black holes in the Milky Way. They do not have any specific flight path and on their way absorb absolutely everything that comes across to them.

Similar conclusions were made by specialists from Harvard University after they conducted another computer simulation. Reported by the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

During the study, the evolution of black holes was studied, which lasted for billions of years. Simulations have shown that if a galaxy collides with an object larger than the size, it will lead to a loss of stability of the black hole, which is located in the center.

At the same time, clusters of galaxies can contain tens or even thousands of such rogue holes. At the same time, scientists noted that the risk of collision of our planet with such a black hole is minimal, so there is no cause for concern.

Most wandering black holes end up merging with a supermassive black hole that sits at the center of any galaxy. Only those that move in the galactic halo at a huge distance not only from stars, but also from planetary systems can remain in outer space.

Supermassive black holes are objects that can be billions of times the mass of the Sun. Scientists have calculated that there are 12 wandering black holes in the Milky Way. In galaxies larger than ours, their number can be much higher.


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