Simple life forms may be lurking in Martian water

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(ORDO NEWS) — Only dust and ice blocks can be found in huge quantities on the Red Planet. Ice is found not only on the polar caps on Mars, but also in some places just below the surface. Moreover, it is more dusty than on Earth. Reported by EarthSky.

Aditya Cooler, together with Philip Christensen from Arizona, conducted another study that allowed them to develop a fairly effective way to study ice blocks on the Red Planet.

They also found that they can melt beneath the surface in literally a few centimeters. This allows you to retain liquid water for longer, which will evaporate much more slowly.

At the same time, Mars is a continuous desert, where you can find a huge amount of sand and dust everywhere.

In turn, ice is found in many areas, both at elevations and below the surface. In this case, dust will always mix with ice and affect its color. This, in turn, affects the amount of absorbed solar color and the rate of melting.

Due to the fact that much of the Martian ice contains too much dust, it can melt only at depth. Keller noted that they assume that the first to melt could be those ice blocks that are dark in color and located at a depth of several centimeters below the surface of Mars.

The resulting water will be protected from further evaporation. Accordingly, the simplest forms of life can be present in it.


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