Doctors told who bell pepper is contraindicated

(ORDO NEWS) — Many people love a vegetable like bell peppers. You can cook a huge number of different dishes from it and even stock up on it for the winter.

It is very sweet and bright, it is a real vitamin bomb, but nevertheless, some people should absolutely not use it. This is reported by MedicalNewsToday.

Pepper contains a lot of fiber, which can adversely affect the well-being of those people who have gastritis, ulcers or hemorrhoids. You can not use a vegetable for hypotensive patients, because it lowers blood pressure even more.

People who are prone to allergic reactions should also be careful. Bell peppers can cause rashes or breathing difficulties. It is forbidden to eat vegetables in the presence of individual intolerance. In addition, bell peppers can provoke intestinal problems, increase inflammation, and affect digestion.

Bell peppers contain a huge amount of vitamin C. Just one fruit is enough to fully get the daily requirement. In addition, vitamin P is present in the composition, which has a positive effect on the body and helps to strengthen blood vessels.

Vitamins from group B affect a person’s mood, and with the help of vitamin A, you can noticeably improve the condition of not only the hair, but also the skin.

The composition contains a large amount of silicon, potassium, iodine and iron.

Bell pepper is ideal for those people who are watching their figure. The vegetable contains a lot of fiber and a minimal amount of calories, so its use will bring a person exceptionally good, but provided there are no contraindications to its intake.


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