Moon elixir for women

(ORDO NEWS) — To recharge the energy of the night star, you can prepare a lunar elixir. To do this, you need clean (preferably spring) water: it absorbs lunar fluids best of all. Fill a transparent glass vessel with it and, without closing, leave it overnight in a place well lit by moonlight: on a window, balcony, by the river, in a clearing.

To prevent flies from flying into it, cover the neck with a single layer of gauze. In the morning (best at dawn), the vessel must be wrapped in an opaque cloth and removed to a dark place. That’s it, the elixir is ready! You can take a bath with it, wash your face, knead clay and other face and body masks and even make dough on its basis if you are going to bake a cake for your loved one.

Do you want to feel younger? Take moon baths! An elixir prepared when the Moon was in the sign of Cancer is ideal for this. Pour into a bathtub filled with ordinary (not too hot!) Water, a few spoons of your elixir and lie down, relaxing, for about 15 minutes. It is best to dim the light at this time – you can limit yourself to a candle light.

If you have difficulties in communication or need to penetrate into the secret meaning of any information, the lunar elixir should be prepared when the night star “dwells” on Gemini. You should wash your face with such an elixir, you can add it to drinks and even … drip a few drops into your ears: you will better absorb information by ear. Just do not try to drip the lunar elixir into your eyes: after that, do not believe your eyes – they will be deceived!

When the Moon passes through the sign of Taurus, I advise you to prepare an elixir that stabilizes emotions (I recommend using it for morning rubdowns). To improve your financial situation, sprinkle a new bill with it and carry it in your wallet for good luck. For those who lack luck, I advise you to start your morning with a few sips of the elixir. If your task is to find love, drink the elixir at night, before going to bed, drawing in your imagination a portrait of your hero, or knead dough on the moon drink, bake a pie and treat your lover. Do you want to get pregnant? Sprinkle the moon elixir “from Taurus” on the matrimonial bed.

The secrets of charm, sexuality, sociability are kept by the elixir prepared during the passage of the Moon in the sign of Leo. just wash your hair and rinse your hair with moon potion.

If the Moon is in Virgo, prepare an elixir, which will serve as the basis for anti-aging masks, and will also be used to prepare various medicinal and anti-aging decoctions. Just remember: the elixir, unlike ordinary water, cannot be brought to a boil, otherwise the lunar energy will significantly weaken. It is better to dilute the finished broth with it.

The elixir made while the Moon is in Pisces will give tenderness and femininity (when washing, rinse your face and décolleté with an elixir to which a few drops of your favorite perfume have been added). But you should use the potion “from Pisces” very carefully and in small quantities: otherwise you will be possessed by crazy ideas.

But when the night star passes through the sign of Aries, pause: the elixir prepared these days will bring nothing but insomnia and headaches.


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