How much does a soul weigh?

(ORDO NEWS) — The first person who tried to approach the spiritual from a purely materialistic point of view, that is, literally try to weigh the human soul, was Dr. Duncan MacDougall from the American city of Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Looking for a soul

In 1906, the experimenter built a special bed, which was a giant balance with high sensitivity (up to a gram). On this bed, hopelessly sick people under the supervision of a doctor retreated to another world.

“During several hours on my scale,” McDougall wrote in his diary, “the patient slowly and consistently lost weight, approximately one ounce (30 grams) per hour, due to evaporation of moisture through the respiratory tract and through sweating. Three hours and forty minutes later, the patient died, which suddenly coincided with a sharp movement of the scale arrow to the lower end of the scale and was even accompanied by an audible impact of the arrow on the lower edge of the scale, where the arrow stopped. Weight loss was set at three quarters of an ounce (21 grams).

Everything happened in just a few seconds. ” Hence the strange rumor that the human soul (astral body) has a real mass, and this mass is 21 grams, which, by the way, contradicts the Christian religion, which claims that a person receives a soul at the moment of conception. But the embryo even at the ninth week of development weighs only two grams, so the soul simply cannot fit there.

Modern experiences

Several years ago, researchers from the laboratory of the All-Union Research Institute of Broadcasting Reception and Acoustics. A.S. Popov not only repeated McDougall’s experience, but also went even further: they tried to “bring” the astral body to computer screens, and, if the media does not lie, they succeeded.

One of the correspondents who were present during the experiment describes the events as follows: “On the screen of a special computer, she (the soul of the deceased) looked like a creature that vaguely resembled a newborn child, with a disproportionately large head, a tiny body, twisted limbs, rather like bits of wings. The fan-shaped tail at the base was seen quite clearly, but then, as the distance from the body, it became more and more blurred and disappeared, literally dissolved in space.”

Such studies were allegedly initiated by scientific developments in this area of ​​neurophysiologist Oleg Bakhmetyeva, who managed to reveal the physical nature of the phenomenon, which is called the soul. After that, it was concluded that the soul is the radiation of all living cells of the human body without exception.


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