Monster with 20 arms discovered in Antarctica

A new species of sea monster found in the ocean called the Antarctic Strawberry Feathered Star

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(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have traveled the ocean surrounding Antarctica in search of “mysterious and strange creatures” known as the “Antarctic feathered star”. While searching in the icy waters off the coast of Antarctica, scientists discovered a sea monster with 20 arms and a very characteristic body shape.

A new species of Antarctic feathered star was found during scientific expeditions in the Southern Ocean between 2008 and 2017, according to a research paper published in the journal Invertebrate Systematics.

Researchers have been searching for the mysterious marine animal Promachocrinus, or Antarctic feathered stars, according to the Miami Herald newspaper.

These large creatures are very strange, and they live at a depth of 20 to two thousand meters. When these stars float, they have an “ethereal” appearance, the researchers said. During the expedition, scientists selected nine feathered stars with a characteristic body shape, and also discovered a new species of Promachocrinus fragarius, or the Antarctic strawberry feathered star.

They named her so for her strawberry-like body, from which 20 offshoot arms hang. The star may have a “purple to deep reddish” color. The photographs show that these strange creatures have two types of hands. The lower ones are rough and striped, while the rest seem to be covered with feathers.

The body shape of the monster is approximately triangular, it has growths with circles. It appears to be the remains of broken limbs. The name of the star comes from the Latin word for “strawberry”, because the shape of the body resembles this berry.

This monster can be found in the Southern Ocean at depths of 70 to 1,250 meters, the researchers said. They determined it was a new species based on body shape and DNA analysis results.

The research team included Emily McLaughlin, Nerida Wilson, and Greg Rouse. The scientists also found several other specimens of Antarctic feathered stars, including three new species.

These amazing discoveries show that there are still wonders on our planet waiting to be discovered, and prove the importance of new research.

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