Monkey Man scares residents of five Indian cities

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A strange creature that has the appearance of a person, but at the same time moves like an animal and makes huge leaps, was noticed by residents of five different cities in India.

In recent days, several eyewitnesses spoke of a strange creature. Some of them described him as a large monkey. Others are convinced that it is more like a person. In this case, the creature comes exclusively at night, runs around the yards and knocks on windows or doors. Many local newspapers have already written about the incredible creature.

In India, monkeys can be seen on the streets of most cities, but the creature is much larger and greatly scares the locals. It moves so fast that no one has yet succeeded in filming it or watching it well. This continues for a little over a week. In some cities, people are afraid to leave their own homes after sunset.

The most detailed descriptions of the creature indicate that it is fast, similar to a person, but dark and at the same time very well jumps through the trees like a monkey. Some local residents suggest that this is a mentally ill person who began to behave like a monkey.


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