Millions of years from Earth, found emitting mysterious radio waves “jellyfish”

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts have noticed that mysterious radio emissions follow to us from a distant cluster of galaxies, which have taken the form of a jellyfish. The non-standard form suggests that the structure can consist of gas.

The object spans 1.2 million light years and is 340 million light years from Earth. The cluster was named USS Jellyfish. Experts from Curtin University in Perth noted that the source cannot be seen with most radio telescopes.

The detected radio waves at low frequencies are about a meter long and correspond to low-energy light particles. Education has a “head” and “tentacles”. The latter are a plume of their own gas, which is formed when an object passes through accumulations of hot gas.

With a high degree of probability, there are black holes in the central regions of the detected galaxies that have accumulated material for about several billion years.

Electrons in a gas emit radio waves as they rotate around a magnetic field at the speed of light. They have lost some of their energy, so the radiation intensity has decreased.


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