The forbidden fruit from the biblical Garden of Eden was not an apple – research

(ORDO NEWS) — For a long time, experts argue about the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate. Scientists agree only on one thing: it was definitely not an apple.

The Bible does not contain any mention of the apple, so it is not known where the people got it from. In the biblical lines, there is only the word peri, which in Hebrew means all fruits. As the rabbis suggested, the forbidden fruit could be figs, grapes, or citron. The latter is a bittersweet lemon-like fruit that was used during the harvest festivals.

The apple most likely originated in Rome in 382 AD, when Damasius I asked to translate the Bible. The learned Hieronymus then translated the word peri as malum. From Latin it means apple, but in the past its meaning was also collective and applied to all fruits. In addition, the word also meant “evil.” It turned out to be a kind of pun.

The apple of the picture was fixed in the minds of people, because it is impossible to depict on them not a specific fruit, but an average one. Perhaps a grafted tree that could bear different fruits could solve the riddle, but in biblical times it did not exist.


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