May 18, 2020: Day when the Earth changed

(ORDO NEWS) — On May 18, 2020, a momentous event took place – for the first time in modern history, a camera installed on the International Space Station took off thousands of UFOs from the Earth’s surface that filled the entire visible angle for more than four minutes and flew into outer space.

If someone was waiting for 100% proof of the existence of a UFO on planet Earth, then this is it. What more proof is needed if these frames were broadcast from the ISS and all the inhabitants of our planet could see them. Is this not a “disclosure”? What happened cannot be explained by natural causes.

The video convincingly shows the take-off of a huge number of UFOs from the planet’s surface, and taking into account the fact that the camera takes only part of the Earth’s surface and a bit of outer space, we can safely assume that the UFO’s one-time take-off took place not only in this area, but from all over the planet generally.

It is impossible to explain what happened with space debris, since it is clear that UFOs are rising from the ground. It is impossible to explain what happened with the accident and the passage of debris or an explosion of a meteorite in the upper atmosphere where the ISS flies (from 350 to 400 km) – because the objects deliberately flew into outer space. And they did it on different trajectories and at different speeds.

It is impossible to explain all this with meteorological phenomena, since they are limited by the atmosphere of our planet, and everything happened not only in its atmosphere, but also outside it, given the movement of this armada into outer space.

It is surprising why a NASA employee in charge of controlling the live video stream did not turn off the camera when it all started. They do this very quickly and with the appearance of single UFOs, but in this case, a massive take-off of UFOs occurred in a short period of time. From two minutes, a massive take-off and another two minutes flew by separate groups and single UFOs. All together took about four minutes, and it is quite possible that the person responsible for the “red button” for interrupting the broadcast simply left or was distracted.

It is interesting that almost a day after this record got into the network and accordingly replicated, it was no longer useless to delete it from the archives of the live broadcast records, but by strange coincidence, the head of the manned flight program resigned from NASA, who did not explain the reasons for dismissal, saying only , – “I made a mistake and must leave.” Perhaps his decision has nothing to do with what happened, but are there many oddities in such a short time? Maybe the leak was made consciously. Indeed, in NASA itself, not everyone agrees with a strict policy of censoring information.

I began to think, what would all this mean? All further is my hypothesis based only on my assumptions. I do not make everyone believe in my version, I only suggest spending time reading (and watching) a rather fascinating and intriguing hypothesis.

The first thing that caught my attention was the date – May 18th. This date seemed familiar to me and related to something no less sensational and yes – a mysterious space wanderer, the Oumuamua object was first discovered by astronomers on October 18, 2017. “The Messenger, who arrived first from afar”.


Oumuamua, the first ever interstellar object discovered in the solar system, which experiences additional acceleration, which can not be explained either by the gravity of the sun and planets, or by the influence of the solar wind. Observations of the object showed that it moves at a speed of about 26 kilometers per second along an open hyperbolic trajectory.

Oumuamua has a length of 800 meters. Its surface is solid, with a complex relief, possibly even metal. At least in places. Itself is red.

“Our analysis showed that the observed trajectory cannot be completely explained only by the influence of the gravity of the Sun, planets, the Moon, Pluto and the 16 largest bodies of the main asteroid belt, as well as relativistic effects” – this was announced by scientists.

They found a very weak “extraneous” acceleration – about 4.9 × 10−6 m / s2, which changed inversely with the radius of the orbit. A space probe, or even a spaceship that has lost control, was considered by Oumuamua not only ufologists, but also astronomers.

Suppose that this object, a really huge spaceship, entered our solar system with some kind of mission unknown to us. Yes, he didn’t come close to our planet, but couldn’t it be a base, a “mother ship”, the purpose of which was to take from the planet Earth, located here on underwater and underground bases, his research groups or, moreover, to become an “ark” , which flew in order to collect samples on the planet Earth, to preserve the whole diversity of living and plant species. To preserve them, as Noah led into the ark of “every creature in pairs” …

And here, one can immediately see the analogy and surprising coincidence with the plot of the novel by Harry Bates, published in 1940 and called “Farewell to the Lord.” This work is better known for films created on its basis and called “The day when the Earth stopped.”

Surprisingly, if you watch the latest version of the film on this story, you will see there a strikingly similar situation with the appearance of an interstellar object, the same as the real Oumuamua. Moreover, this story, its plot embodied on the screen, is surprisingly similar to what we observed on May 18, 2020.

In short, mankind has put planet Earth on the brink of destruction, with its greed, greed and thoughtless attitude to nature. And the highest representatives of other worlds made a decision – to destroy humanity and everything that it created with one purpose – to save the planet. For this, the very interstellar ship was sent that delivered to the Earth a “destroyer” with nano-robots, which, like locusts, ate everything created by people and people themselves. This locust simply erased the traces of our civilization, which was strangling the planet like a parasite.

Before the beginning of the “sweep”, spherical, transparent energy spheres arrived on Earth. Their task was to collect “each creature in pairs” for the subsequent revival of the animal world of the Earth. When the collection process was completed, all of these spheres simultaneously soared into space with their living load. And the shots of the take-off of these spheres are strikingly similar to what actually happened on May 18 of this year.

This is option # 1 – To destroy humanity in order to save the Earth. But there is another option – Save what is possible before the death of planet Earth.

This option, in a good visual and scenario presentation, can be seen live in the film “The Sign”, in which there are also surprisingly many coincidences with the present – cataclysms and the mysterious activity of an extraterrestrial civilization that collects the “Ark” taking animals and children from Earth, in order to in order to revive humanity in the new “Garden of Eden” but on another planet, since this Earth is already doomed and all life on it will be destroyed. And in the final of the film, one can also see the take-off of the ships of the “Arks”, which visually looks very much like what happened on May 18.

Of course, both of these options are rather bleak for us people and can be fantasized on the topic of the reasons for what happened, but on the positive side. It is possible, but I do not see many options. If on the planet earth there were thousands of ships of an alien civilization, then they were here not a day or a month, but thousands of years. Perhaps from the very beginning of man, as such. And the reason that they suddenly all leave the “familiar place” should be extremely significant.

Nobody bothers you to dream a little and express your options. They are revered not only by me, but by everyone else, and with great pleasure. Maybe in the end we will find the truth. And maybe this is the truth, soon she will find us … And we will become witnesses of even more amazing events in every sense of the word.


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