Mask mode helps spread coronavirus: unexpected findings of new study

(ORDO NEWS) — In almost all countries, after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, mask mode has become the main method of combating the spread of the disease. But scientists from the United States conducted a study and found that in those states where wearing a mask is a prerequisite, the incidence is much higher.

Experts have studied cases of human infection over a fairly long period – from May 1 to December 15. There was also a comparison of the days when it was necessary to wear masks and when it was possible to do without them.

In states where it was impossible to leave the house without a mask, almost 10 million people fell ill – about 27 people per 100 thousand a day.

In states where masks were worn at will, about 6 million people fell ill, which is about 17 people per 100 thousand. This means that mask mode has not yet proven that it really protects against the spread of coronavirus.

Supporters of the mask regime, in turn, say that measures of this type were introduced after the spread of the virus. Therefore, the number of cases of infection increased precisely due to the fact that people did not wear masks.


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