Geophysicist warned of the growth of powerful earthquakes across the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — In the next 20 years, earthquakes will begin to occur much more often as a result of the atmosphere changing its shape of circulation. This statement was made by geo-physicist Viktor Bokov.

All tremors are united by the fact that these are not just the usual tectonic processes, but also the influence on the earth’s crust of the Earth’s atmosphere. The specialist added that the atmosphere can affect the soil in such a way that it sags up to 40 centimeters in places of faults.

The number of earthquakes increases when such meridional processes as the Azores and Siberian anticyclones intensify.

This has been observed on Earth over the past few years, and nothing will change in the near future.

Therefore, one must be prepared for the fact that the number of powerful tremors will only increase under the influence of the meridional form of atmospheric circulation.

At the same time, another specialist, Vladimir Semyonov, said that too frequent earthquakes in recent years cannot arise as a result of changes in the atmosphere, and all the recorded cases are just a coincidence.


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