Mars, Curiosity, Sol 3422-3423 Exploring Silly Place

(ORDO NEWS) — Silly Place did not become the new name of this place, but this is not an ordinary territory. Would you like us to go there for a hike, if there was such an opportunity?

Of course, but be very careful, because this is not a place where you can run. There are too many pointed stones here.

New pictures from the MAHLI camerashow a standard pile of stones for the area. From a close distance you can admire the nature of these rocks: broken stones with sharp edges.

Eagle-eyed geologists might think they look like ventifacts – rocks shaped by wind blowing from the same direction for a very long time.

The wind carries small particles that cause abrasion to form these stones. But as we all know, looks can always be deceiving at first glance.

To understand what really happened here, and especially why it happened, Curiosity will take many more pictures today. APXS

toolexplores the purpose of “Breakyneck” which is one of those sharp and angular rocks, and “Redscarhead” which is a smoother and flatter rock that looks different, more like the bedrock we saw earlier.

Today, the ChemCam will conduct two chemical studies. The Mastcam will take 132 pictures divided into four observations.

Next, we will have a short drive to an area where we will see a wide variety of rock textures, and where we hope to learn a lot more about this interesting area. Get ready for more shots of sharp, pointy, layered and other interesting rocks.


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