Living “plastic bottles” found on the beach in Sydney

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(ORDO NEWS) — They turned out to be active and poisonous.

In early February, strange blue heaps of “garbage” appeared on a beach in Sydney, which locals immediately mistook for plastic bottles. However, people were in for a surprise – the “plastic” turned out to be living sea creatures, similar to blue jellyfish.

Emma Johnston, professor of marine ecology at the University of South Wales, explained that the bizarre creatures on the beach are physalia or a Portuguese boat. She also found them on the coast, filmed them and posted them on Twitter.

In her post, Johnston clarified that physalia are poisonous, and although their poison is not fatal to humans, it can cause severe burns and pain, and therefore it is better not to touch living “bottles”.

The professor added that for eastern Sydney, the invasion of Portuguese ships is very rare, as they usually live off the northern coast of Australia. Johnston suggested that the physalia could have entered the area due to strong winds.


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