Unknown space object obscured a massive black hole

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(ORDO NEWS) — A massive black hole, considered the second most massive in our galaxy, was obscured by an unknown space object. Moreover, the X-ray source continues to emit light as usual, but it no longer reaches us. This is reported by the publication “Live Science“.

Black hole GRS 1915 + 105 astronomers considered one of the brightest objects in outer space. This object is located at a distance of 36 thousand light years from our planet.

There was a star next to the black hole, which it absorbed, because of which the most powerful X-ray radiation emitted from the space object. However, in 2018, astronomers noticed that this radiation began to weaken, and then completely disappeared. At that time, the luminaries of science could not find an explanation for this phenomenon.

Now astronomers have made the assumption that an unknown object has appeared between the Swift telescope and the black hole hidden from its “gaze”. According to Mayur Balakrishnan, a researcher at the University of Michigan, this structure is very difficult to distinguish, and most likely its source is the accretion disk. This object contains a lot of gas that blocks the passage of X-rays.


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