Large group of UFOs observed in the sky over Cheshire in the UK

(ORDO NEWS) — Finally, a video appeared on which a resident of Cheshire in the UK witnessed the appearance of a large group of UFOs flying in the sky above his house on May 20, 2020 at 10.34 pm. This is the first evidence of the presence of large UFO groups in the earth’s sky after May 18.

The UFO group is large, but flies breaking into links, and the head goes in the shape of a triangle. Objects are constantly blinking, changing the color of the glow, as if communicating with each other. At some point, a single UFO flies up to the main group on the right, and after winking with lights, joins the main group.

Cheshire is a county in northwestern England. The capital is Chester, although the largest city is Warrington. It borders in the east with the ceremonial counties of Derbyshire and Staffordshire, in the south with the ceremonial counties of Shropshire in the west with Wales, in the north with the ceremonial counties of Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

An eyewitness who made these shots said:

“Unfortunately, the camera does not record how low and close it was to our house, but these lights were visible above my house in Cheshire on May 20 at 22.34.

Lights flashed green, purple, blue and white. Just before recording, the lights seemed very large and close to our street, very slowly rising through the sky.

The lights were in two large flashing clusters, slowly moving north. After posting this video on my social network, I received a response from someone from another part of Cheshire saying that they saw him near their house about 15-20 minutes after I saw him.

After some research on satellite trackers in the area and everything that could be in our current airspace, I couldn’t find anything logical that could explain this amazing event. Starlink’s satellite constellation definitely didn’t fly over my house.”

This video made me happy because it shows that UFO groups remained on Earth after May 18th. Interestingly, they move in large groups, and not individually. It turns out after the departure of the main group, on Earth there were UFO teams continuing to carry out some unknown tasks.


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