In Australia dead parrots fall right from the sky

(ORDO NEWS) — Residents of Engel Vale (Australia) are very worried that hundreds of Corell parrots have begun to die. They are on people right from the sky.

Sarah King, who works for a wildlife conservation organization, says that over the next few weeks, a huge number of parrots of this species may die. Specialists at the moment have received many reports that the birds die right during the flight and fall on people’s heads.

Last week alone, several hundred dead and dozens of injured parrots were found. King talks about how they have been observing this for more than a year. She also added that recently only two live birds have been found, but in a terrible state.

Experts say that birds could eat dangerous poison, which caused damage to muscles and nerve endings. Because of this, parrots may not eat for several weeks and as a result die of starvation.

Many birds found were in agony. It is worth noting that experts also found many parrots that were shot. All the workers who found so many dead birds were sent home that day, because they were in a state of shock.

Today, experts can not say whether the poison is of natural origin or whether someone intentionally kills parrots and how long it will continue.

Some experts believe that birds are poisoned by some kind of plant, because a similar situation with their death is observed every year and leads to the fact that thousands of parrots die as a result of poisoning, hunger or other injuries after their nervous system and muscles stop function almost completely.


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