Jupiter, Venus and Saturn switched to retrograde motion

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In May, the planets Jupiter, Venus and Saturn gradually move to retrograde motion. This means that the direction of their movement in the celestial sphere is changing. Previously, this was considered a harbinger of some bad events.

In fact, in our solar system there is only one planet that has a retrograde motion – it is Venus. At the same time, when scientists also discovered retrograde exoplanets, they were very surprised by this. If you are located above the north pole of Venus, you will notice that it rotates clockwise around its own axis. Moreover, absolutely all other planets in the system rotate counterclockwise.

Why Venus is different from other planets remains a mystery to this day. At the same time, scientists note that it resembles the Earth quite strongly in some parameters. The main version of the retrograde rotation of Venus is that within its core there were some certain processes that gradually slowed down the movement of the planet. This caused her to stop completely and begin to rotate in the opposite direction.

Also a pretty amazing planet is Uranus. At first glance, it might seem that it moves clockwise, but in fact it is not. The planet is in its plane on its side and if it is set up normally, then it will move in the same way as everyone else – counterclockwise. Experts suggest that once upon a time, Uranus collided with a huge celestial body, which caused its twisting in space. Another part of scientists believe that the planet used to have massive rings that caused resonance. It was they who could swing Uranus and then deploy it.

Recently, experts have noticed that other planets of the solar system are also starting to move somehow strangely. These include Saturn and Jupiter. Perhaps someday they will also begin to rotate like Venus clockwise.


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