When moving, they changed color: two UFOs were captured in Colombia

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On May 10, a resident of the Itagui colombian village, considered to be a suburb of Medellin, observed a very interesting picture: a strange flying man was moving on the horizon.

Traced the unidentified object of Diego Franco. The man quickly picked up the phone and started filming UFOs until he hid behind the trees.

Diego Franco noted that the UFO had a strange color: against the sky, it was dark, and against the background of the mountain – silver. On the record you can see how during the descent the object changed the direction of motion, passing a little to the left.

After the UFO was no longer visible, Diego thought that the anomalies were over for today, but the reality was different. As soon as the man turned off the camera, another UFO with similar characteristics appeared in the sky. He was heading along the same route as the previous one. The observation turned out to be very strange: it was interesting to find out what mission was performed by unidentified objects.

Itagui is a city located in the department of Antioquia in northwestern Colombia. The area rises above sea level by more than 1.5 kilometers. The settlement is considered the smallest of all cities, but it is densely populated. The area is only 21.09 square meters. km For 1 square. km has 10 969 inhabitants.

Itagui is considered a suburb of Colombia’s second largest city – Medellin. The distance between these settlements is 8 kilometers.

Users and eyewitnesses can only guess about the UFOs themselves and their goals.


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