Darkness fell in Beijing in broad daylight a terrible video appeared on the web

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Very strange frames have appeared on the Internet that can scare many. Neither of them can be clearly seen how right in the middle of a white day, Beijing, the capital of China, gradually begins to descend real darkness.

On May 24, a video was shot showing an incredibly beautiful cityscape. But at the same time the whole city is hiding under the crown. At the same time, only a few minutes ago it was light on the street and did not foretell that something unusual would happen soon. But now the cameras have recorded the darkness in which the city lights flicker.

Unusual frames posted on his page on the social network Twitter user, who is signed by Edward Lawrence. From the moment this publication was posted, more than 100 thousand people have already seen it.

Some users wrote that this phenomenon is quite strange, because even if the weather is rainy and cloudy, it still can not be so dark. The rest of the commentators were shocked by what they saw and spoke of a strange event, as of the real madness.

If we talk about conspiracy theorists, then, as always, they have their own version. This time, they argue that darkness covered the city due to the fact that the annual conferences of the Communist Party took place and this event is somewhat familiar from above.

Some users suggested that the event could be due to a severe storm and terrible lightning that sparkled just a few moments before the video was shot.

Then Edward posted another video showing that after heavy rain, light returned to this area of ​​Beijing.


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