Japanese scientists study the ancient mummy of the mermaid

(ORDO NEWS) — Japanese scientists were able to get their hands on a mysterious mermaid-like creature that was allegedly caught by fishermen in the Pacific Ocean off the island of Shikoku between 1736 and 1741 for the purpose of studying using computed tomography. This is reported by the British edition of The Mirror.

Specialists from the Kurashiki University of Science and Arts in Japan are studying a 30-centimeter mummy of a mermaid, which is now in the temple of the city of Asakuchi.

The creature looks terrifying – a terrible grimace froze on its face, its mouth is ajar, where pointed teeth are visible, it also has two arms and a fish-like tail.

According to Japanese legend, mermaids grant immortality. To do this, you need to taste her flesh.

Therefore, according to the project organizer Hiroshi Kinoshita of the Okayama Folklore Society, people who believe in this legend made attempts to tear off and eat the scales from the mermaid mummy.

Japanese scientists study the ancient mummy of the mermaid 2

A letter dated 1903 was found next to the mysterious creature, according to which this mermaid was accidentally caught by fishermen in the Kochi prefecture area.

They thought it was just a strange fish and sold it. The exhibit’s owner’s ancestors bought the monster and kept it as a family heirloom. How it got to the Enjuin Temple in Asakuchi is still unknown.

Kinoshita suggests that the “mermaid” was made from different parts of the bodies of a primate and a fish. According to the researcher, this happened during the Edo period – the era of Japanese history, which lasted from 1603 to 1867.

Scientists intend to identify the original animals using computed tomography or DNA analysis and unravel the mystery of the mysterious creature before the end of this year.


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