Two-year-old girl said that the great-grandmother in the photo is her

(ORDO NEWS) — The mom shared an unusual video in which her two-year-old daughter Ella points to a photo of her great-great-grandmother and exclaims that she is in the photo.

Sharing the moment on TikTok, mum @gi_gi216 was filming her little girl looking at an old black and white photo of her grandma and great grandma.

Ella had no way of knowing who the people in the photograph were. Unexpectedly, her daughter Ella puts her hand on her great-grandmother in the photo and declares, “It’s me.”

“My two-year-old found a photo of my grandmother and great-grandmother. She says she is my great-grandmother,” the woman wrote.

The terrified mother explained in the comments that they were at her mom’s house and Ella saw the photo for the first time. Little Ella recognized “herself” instantly.

“She had never seen this photo before and could not have known that it was my grandmother and [great-grandmother],” she said.

“This is grandma and me,” says Ella, holding up the frame to show her mom.

“Show your mother who you are,” the mother says again.

“It’s me,” Ella replies, placing her finger on her mother’s great-grandmother.

In the comments, the woman clarified that the person Ella points to is her great-great-grandmother.

“She’s never seen this photo before,” she said.

“My mom almost cried. My daughter told my mom the same thing, except it’s mom’s grandmother and me.

I never said that this is a grandmother, and did not explain who any person was for her, ”she said.

Netizens are convinced that this is proof of reincarnation.


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