Japanese scientists have published evidence of the existence of UFOs

(ORDO NEWS) — A private Japanese research institute specializing in unidentified flying objects has published the results of a study of more than 450 testimonies received by them, concluding that four of them “with a high degree of probability may be a UFO.”

The results were presented by the head of the institute, Takeharu Mikami.

Among the four photographs and videos that employees considered the most reliable, two so-called testimonies were taken in 2021, and two more in 2018 and 2022, respectively.

In particular, in the photographs there is an image of a dark object, reminiscent in shape of the generally accepted idea of ​​alien ships.

On the video materials, the objects are not dark, but, on the contrary, are light in color. In the first video, a semblance of a white ball flies along an ascending, almost vertical trajectory, leaving a short tail behind it.

The second video shows a white, possibly luminous, elongated object hovering over the mountains at night.

These four so-called “evidences” were characterized as “most probable” after all the materials collected during the year were analyzed using a special computer program for falsifications.


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