Japanese scientists have published evidence of the existence of UFOs

(ORDO NEWS) — A private Japanese research institute specializing in unidentified flying objects has published the results of a study of more than 450 testimonies received by them, concluding that four of them “with a high degree of probability may be a UFO.”

The results were presented by the head of the institute, Takeharu Mikami.

Among the four photographs and videos that employees considered the most reliable, two so-called testimonies were taken in 2021, and two more in 2018 and 2022, respectively.

In particular, in the photographs there is an image of a dark object, reminiscent in shape of the generally accepted idea of ‚Äč‚Äčalien ships.

On the video materials, the objects are not dark, but, on the contrary, are light in color. In the first video, a semblance of a white ball flies along an ascending, almost vertical trajectory, leaving a short tail behind it.

The second video shows a white, possibly luminous, elongated object hovering over the mountains at night.

These four so-called “evidences” were characterized as “most probable” after all the materials collected during the year were analyzed using a special computer program for falsifications.


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