It is proved: Level of lighting affects thinking

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of Michigan have found that light affects not only mood, but also cognitive abilities.

What scientists have proven:

In winter and autumn, when there is little light, diurnal animals become less intelligent. Their memory becomes dull, and logical thinking deteriorates.

It is proved Level of lighting affects thinking 2
Logically, people who live in cloudy cities are less savvy

How the experiment was carried out

The researchers took two African rats (they are diurnal). The individuals were placed in a maze. One rat’s room was lit at 50 lux (room light). The second rat ran under a 1000 lux light (supermarket lighting).

Result: the second rat got out of the maze faster, and the first had difficulties – a decrease in the connection of neurons in the hippocampus by 30% was found.


Scientists note that the level of daylight on the street is between 10,000 and 20,000 lux. Human cognitive functions cannot adapt to night conditions, meaning you won’t be able to work more productively in the dark.

Researchers advise going outside for at least 15-30 minutes a day. Light therapy courses are also useful.


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