ISS recorded huge number of UFOs near Earth

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Since February 2020, ISS cameras regularly record entire groups of UFOs, as well as various kinds of space anomalies near our planet.

Three weeks after the first incident, the ISS during a live broadcast recorded another wave of strange objects, as well as debris that are of unknown origin. In the pictures you can see that they are flying in huge groups that are completely coordinated among themselves.

An interesting fact is that the second wave flies exactly along the same trajectory as the first. This suggests that something strange is happening in space that causes UFOs to flee to other places. Such events, according to experts, cannot be an accident.

The number of UFOs is simply unbelievable and before, scientists have never recorded such clusters near our planet.

In addition, some groups even collided with each other, which led to the appearance of debris and rescue capsules with the crew. During a collision on the Sun, experts recorded an explosion of incredible strength.

Now the cameras again captured a large flotilla of objects that most likely fly away from the solar system for reasons unknown to anyone so far.


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