Earth’s magnetic poles are shifting

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to the findings of scientists from different countries, the Earth’s magnetic field is shifting. We cannot prevent this – it remains only to prepare for global changes.

French geophysicist Bernard Bruins in 1905 found out that the poles were on opposite sides millions of years ago. Later it was found out that they regularly change their position.

A magnetic field protects our planet from solar influence. During the movement, the poles are greatly weakened, therefore there is a risk of receiving increased doses of radiation. It is important to note that poles can remain weakened by about 1/10 of the usual pole strength for centuries.

Displacement can lead to the fact that certain areas on Earth will be unsuitable for life. The sun will not give anyone a chance to survive.

There may be malfunctions in the electronics, satellites in orbit will be especially susceptible. Some devices in general may fail without the possibility of recovery. Also at risk will be electrical installations – transformers.

This means that people can lose all their gadgets and devices in an instant. Mobile communications will disappear.

Experts during the creation of devices and various systems did not take into account that the magnetic field will not always protect them. Today, there is a need to improve the equipment, otherwise it simply will not be able to continue working in the new conditions.


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