Is the on-board computer of the ship flying to the moon capable of mining bitcoin

(ORDO NEWS) — But the question is how much time does it take him to do everything about everything.

Modern computers are hundreds and thousands of times more powerful than those used to send people into space in the middle of the 20th century.

But how effective were the computers of those times in modern tasks? For example, cryptocurrency mining?

This question was asked by the author of the resource, who tried to mine bitcoin using the on-board computer of the Apollo spacecraft.

The electronic machine was developed back in the 60s of the last century – with its help, scientists carried out calculations to control the movements and control the navigation of the lunar modules during flights under the Apollo program.

Is the on board computer of the ship flying to the moon capable of mining bitcoin 2

As a result, it took him 5.15 seconds to create just one SHA-256 hash. Given that the same bitcoin uses a double hash, the hash rate is already 10.3 seconds.

To date, the BTC network has been executing about 65 quintillion hashes per second. And this means that the Apollo spacecraft would require 4 10 ^ 23 s for this. This is more than the age of the Universe – 4 10 ^ 17 s.


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