North Korea Claims It Successfully Launched First Gaze Satellite tv for computer

North Korea said it successfully placed its first spy satellite in orbit on Tuesday and

North Korea Fired Militia Witness Satellite tv for computer Southwards, Claims South Korea

North Korea has fired what it claims is a military spy satellite southwards, Seoul's armed

When will you be able to upload your brain to a computer?

(ORDO NEWS) -- This has been a major sci-fi theme for years, but will we

A computer that reads speech from the brain of a paralyzed person sets a new record

(ORDO NEWS) -- Researchers from Stanford University managed to set another record for the operation

Scientists have found out whether it is dangerous to implant a computer in the brain?

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An optical analog computer solved an integral equation in less than a picosecond

(ORDO NEWS) -- American researchers have created a metamaterial from which they made analog optical

Can we be in a computer simulation

(ORDO NEWS) -- Philosophers talked about the unreality of the surrounding world in ancient times,

When will you be able to upload your brain to a computer

(ORDO NEWS) -- This has been the main theme of science fiction for years, but

Created a computer powered by algae

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists from the University of Cambridge (Great Britain) talked about the creation

178 years BC scientists talked about the first computer in the history of mankind

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Human brain and computer combined to train artificial intelligence

(ORDO NEWS) -- American scientists have presented a new mathematical model that can improve AI

Oldest computer

(ORDO NEWS) -- Exactly 172 years ago, on February 5, 1850, the Felix Company received