In the USA, a fisherman was lucky enough to catch a very rare fish

(ORDO NEWS) — Lake sturgeon live in the Great Lakes, located throughout North America from Hudson Bay to the Mississippi River.

This is the oldest and largest species of fish found in these waters. Fisherman Kevin Zirjaks managed to catch such a giant dinosaur.

Such a catch is really a rarity. If you listen to fishermen, this is only the sixteenth catch of this type of fish over the past 25 years.

This information is confirmed by the Department of Parks and State Wildlife. And the whole thing is that the lake sturgeon is on the verge of extinction. People are to blame for this, as always.

Kevin Zierjacks says he will remember this fishing for the rest of his life. To catch on a hook one of the oldest fish , which lived in the time of dinosaurs, can be considered a great luck.

The man honestly admitted that he had never dreamed of such a thing.

Fortunately for the sturgeon, the fisherman behaved like a true gentleman. He took a picture with the catch and released the live fish back into the water.

Anthropologists say that they found fossils of such sturgeons in North America, dating back 135 million years. And this means that they definitely lived at least 70 years before the dinosaurs died out.

Surprisingly, these fish never evolved. The way nature created them made sturgeons the unique dinosaur fish they are today. They can live up to 150 years and grow up to 90 kg.

As early as the 19th century, there was an excess of sturgeon in the Great Lakes. Uncontrolled fishing led to the fact that in about 100 years this species became extinct. It is impossible to restore the population.

Female sturgeons begin to lay eggs at the age of 20. Today, only a few of them survive. Therefore, there is a high probability that these fish may completely disappear in the 21st century.


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