Scientists found out what would have happened if the dinosaurs had not died out

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists decided to try to recreate a model of the world in which dinosaurs would not have died out. This question has been of interest to various researchers for a long time.

One of them is Nicholas Longrich, who works at the University of Bath. Together with the team, he developed an unlikely but quite real scenario.

I wonder what would have happened if the dinosaurs had not died out? Would modern man appear then, and how would we get along?

Scientists are interested in many such questions. They always want to try to predict possible options of what could happen.

Longreach suggests that dinosaurs would have evolved to their maximum size. Evolution would create from them real giants weighing 30-50 tons and 30 meters long.

The scientist also believes that the only thing that would stop developing in such creatures is the brain, in the best case it would weigh 40-50 grams.

For example, the brain of an ordinary domestic cat weighs 35 grams, and 66 million years ago the main organ of a velociraptor weighed only 15 grams.

Due to the peculiarities of their species, dinosaurs would not have been able to evolve into human-like creatures.

Populations of species changed depending on climatic changes. At some point there would be more herbivores. In any case, evolution would go in a circle.

Dinosaurs lived on Earth for approximately 100 million years and did not evolve significantly during such a long period of time.

Therefore, Dr. Nicholas Longrich is sure that another 66 million years would not have made these creatures something more intelligent and developed.

At the same time, the doctor believes that mammals would not be able to survive and develop normally if there were such giants in the neighborhood.

It would be physically impossible. Mammals, as a species, followed a completely different path of evolution. They did not become gigantic, instead their brains developed.


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