In the Atlantic Ocean, several ships fell into the invisible crater

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Ships sailing near Africa suddenly began to sail in a circle. For a long time, the captains tried to do everything possible to continue moving at the previously appointed course, but nothing happened.

The incident occurred on June 4 in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Several ships lost their course at once, including the huge tanker Willowy. Because of the whirling, there was a risk of a collision of ships, but, fortunately, not for one hundred people, this did not happen. The movement of the ships was as if they had landed in a funnel.

The teams at first thought that they catered for, but this theory was soon refuted. Experts recalled a similar case in China. Then the violation of the movement of ships was associated with failures in the GPS tracking system. Each ship has an automatic identification system that transmits location, speed and course to other ships. There were cases when attackers, after intercepting data, manipulated the movement of marine vessels. In our case, no third-party interventions took place.

This story could relate to something anomalous and inexplicable, like many other phenomena, but scientists still managed to find the cause of the oddity. As it turned out, the ships entered the area where weakening of the magnetic field has been observed for 50 years. Many ships use a mechanical compass that responds to any changes in the magnetosphere. Under conditions of magnetic anomaly, it could very well become the cause of the phenomenon.

According to scientists, after a few thousand years, the poles will generally change places. All location tracking systems will have to be retuned and optimized.


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