In the Arctic, moving balls made of moss

(ORDO NEWS) — American scientists have discovered mysterious balls of moss in the Arctic. In this case, the detected objects move along the surface, as if they are driven by a force previously unknown to science.

According to media reports, the found moss balls move en masse, in whole colonies. In one day they move under the influence of a mysterious force by 2.5 centimeters. Moreover, periodically, these formations all together change direction.

It is worth noting that the moss balls themselves were discovered in the glaciers of the Arctic several decades ago. But only now, scientists have tried to find the answer, what could be the reason for such a coordinated movement of plants.

University of Idaho researchers explored moving moss on the Ruth Glacier Glacier, located in the Alaska area. In ovoid conglomerates of moss and mud, as it turned out, a number of invertebrates can inhabit. Thus, the plant provides key living places for animal colonies.

An analysis of the movement, carried out over four years, showed that all objects have certain directions of movement. At the same time, neither the “trips” of the plants themselves, nor the change of vector are related either to the direction of sunlight, or to the prevailing winds or slope of ice. However, the probable cause of the unusual phenomenon may be the presence of nematodes, springtails and tardigrades in the formations of their dirt and moss.


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