Every 6 seconds, the Earth loses a portion of the rainforest the size of a football field

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists reported that during 2019, 9.3 million acres of forest were lost around the world. More than a third of the primary forests of this amount were lost by Brazil, and in Australia, fires accelerated forest loss by 560%.

A satellite study showed that last year was one of the worst rainforests in history.

According to an analysis by the World Resource Institute (WRI), it turned out that last year the rainforest area was reduced every six seconds by a size equal to the area of ​​a football field.

Of great importance for ecosystems are the so-called primary forests, which are aged ten years or older. They, in fact, are home to a large number of animals and birds, and are also able to absorb a huge amount of carbon dioxide.

Approximately 9.3 million acres were lost during 2019, which is approximately equal to the area of ​​Switzerland. Scientists believe that this level of losses is simply unacceptable, and, most likely, with our actions we are moving in the wrong direction.

According to GFW researchers, the development of agriculture, logging, fires, mining, as well as the growth of the world’s population, lead to the disappearance of the tree cover.

Deforestation has a huge impact on the climate, as trees absorb about a third of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. In this bad event, Brazil is a leader, since on its territory there are more than a third of forest losses. This is simply unbelievable – 1.36 million hectares of forest (Montenegro’s area) disappeared on its territory last year.

The authorities of Brazil are constantly criticized by environmentalists for policies that encourage illegal deforestation, and in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, all these issues in the country generally receded into the background. Like, now is not up to it. According to the latest data, in April 2020, this country had already destroyed forests four times the size of Paris.

Scientists pay special attention to the fact that in 2020, the rate of deforestation is 55 percent higher than in the same months of 2019. Urgent steps are needed to reduce deforestation.


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