Found a way to return color to gray hair

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from Columbia University have identified a way to restore color to gray hair. According to them, gray hair, caused by stress, may be reversible, reports the Daily Mail.

During the study, experts found that reducing stress in life can not only stop graying hair, but also reverse this process. Hair can regain its original color. However, you can fix the problem only if it has occurred recently.

The authors emphasize that gray hair occurs due to changes in the metabolic signaling pathways of proteins in the body. Hormones, which are produced under the influence of severe stress, such as cortisol and others, have a strong influence on these pathways. As a result, it turned out that the less stress in a person’s life, the lower the pressure.

During the experiment, scientists took hair from the heads of volunteers and using special visual technologies identified pigments. A new method of hair analysis is similar to the study of rings in a section of a tree, according to which its age is estimated.

Researchers expected to see graying hair at the base, but when they took nearly 400 hairs from 14 people, they found the opposite. Some hair was gray at the tip, but dyed at the base. This means that the hair turned gray at first, and then suddenly returned to their original color.

Using known hair growth rates, scientists were able to track when a person’s hair turned gray. It was found that the hair turned gray during stressful experiences and the transition from white to dyed hair occurred when stress was eased.

So, if you want to keep that color in your hair for as long as possible, then you need to do your best to reduce the stress in your life. It might also be useful to research different ways that you can combat stress; for instance, meditation has become very popular in the last few years, as have cannabis derivatives like CBD and THC (which you can read about on the Observer Media website). Due to their increase in popularity, these products have become much more common and therefore easier to purchase. Many online retailers, such as Area 52, sell high-quality products for good prices, so it might be worth checking them out if you’re looking for a way to combat your your stress.

By the way, other factors that affect hair color loss are genetics and smoking. If a person has these factors in life, then stress relief will not reverse the graying process, scientists added.


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