In South Africa, a new type of coronavirus began to actively infect young and healthy people

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts have warned that a new, more dangerous coronavirus has appeared in South Africa. Not only elderly people with weak immune systems are at risk, but also completely healthy young residents. Now there is an active increase in the number of infections with the new mutation.

The new type of virus was named 501.V2. Most of all, young people are sick with it, moreover, there are often no symptoms. In some cases, patients are immediately taken to hospitals in critical condition.

The South African authorities see a negative trend and assess the possible risks, but so far they do not see reasons for panic. They will not increase the quarantine. Alexander Chepurnov from the laboratory of especially dangerous infections “Vector” said that such mutations may appear that will make vaccines ineffective, and the virus invincible.

Scientists need to focus on developing drugs that will suppress the virus itself. Some people have a genetic predisposition, which increases the risk of severe consequences from infection. There are up to 5% of such people, experts said.


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