In London, an old bridge wrapped in foil to save from the heat

(ORDO NEWS) — Europe has been experiencing heat waves for several days now. And in this situation, not only people suffer, but also architecture.

Therefore, in London, they decided to wrap the 135-year-old Hammersmith Bridge in foil to save it from cracking.

The foil should save the bridge from overheating, which could cause it to collapse.

This is not the first time that the heat has destroyed the Hammersmith Bridge, thrown across the Thames.

Back in August 2020, high temperatures deepened microcracks in the cast-iron piers of the aging bridge. As a result, traffic on the bridge had to be closed for almost a year due to the threat of collapse.

How is Hammersmith Bridge cooled?

After the heat of 2020, the UK government allocated about half a million dollars to install special air conditioners – they were supposed to cool each of the four pillars of the 135-year-old bridge.

Now that high temperatures have returned to the country, officials are hoping that special reflective coatings, reminiscent of foil, will help protect the bridge from overheating during the day.

While at night the cooling systems will run to keep the temperature of the poles and circuits below 13°C.

In London an old bridge wrapped in foil to save from the heat 2
Hammersmith bridge protected from overheating with foil


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