China builds world’s longest single-tower suspension bridge

(ORDO NEWS) — China has completed the construction of the 800-meter Luzhijiang Suspension Bridge in Yunnan Province. Thanks to this record-breaking bridge, cars will be able to travel faster between China and Southeast Asia.

Thanks to the new bridge, it takes two minutes to get from Yuxi City to Chuxiong City. It used to take an hour and a half.

Week-long testing of the bridge ended on July 18, according to the South China Morning Post. Trucks carrying around 1,411 tons of cargo drove continuously across the bridge during the tests, and the new design handled the load perfectly.

What is this bridge for?

The Luzhijiang Bridge was built to improve communication between China and Southeast Asia. Thanks to it, the travel time between the cities of Yuxi and Chusyun will be significantly reduced – from one and a half hours to two minutes on the road.

The peculiarity of the bridge is its location – it is spread between incredibly steep cliffs. To install anchors for the bridge’s steel cables, builders had to drill 100-meter holes in the rock.

The new bridge will be part of a new 200-kilometre expressway across Yunnan that will ease travel to countries such as Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos.

China builds worlds longest single tower suspension bridge 2
Luzhijiang Bridge in Yunnan

It is noteworthy that the construction of the bridge began in 2019, but even despite the difficult pandemic conditions, the workers were able to complete the work in three years. For the most part, this was made possible through the use of special construction robots.


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