In India, the court divorced a husband from his wife who cooked only noodles

(ORDO NEWS) — The high-profile trial ended in India. There, the local magistrate’s court considered the case of the couple’s divorce, on which the man insisted. The reason was the discrepancy between his views on homemade food and his wife’s cooking.

The fact is that a woman for several years “cooked” her husband only instant noodles, according to Yahoo News.

For a long time, the Indian was forced to eat noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but in the end his patience came to an end.

As a result, the man filed for divorce. The court agreed with his arguments and decided to divorce the spouses.

Earlier in India, a resident of the state of Kerala, Suraj Kumar, was sentenced to two life terms for killing his wife with two poisonous snakes. A man set a chain viper on his wife Uthra because of a disagreement with her parents over dowry issues.

After the first viper bite, the woman was chained to a hospital bed for almost two months. However, immediately after the unfortunate woman returned to her relatives from the medical facility, her husband got another snake.


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