Bird of prey got into the habit of attacking blondes with a ponytail

(ORDO NEWS) — The Mirror: In Inverness Shire, an aggressive buzzard terrorizes blondes with ponytails.

In the Scottish county of Inverness-shire, an aggressive buzzard has become accustomed to attacking women and has made at least three attacks. This is reported by The Mirror.

Heather Hewson, 57, said the angry bird of prey appeared out of nowhere, swooped down on her and hit her hard on the head.

In the end, she had to fend off the buzzard with a stick. After the attack, she was left with bleeding wounds on the back of her head.

Hewson came to the conclusion that the bird is attracted to a certain hairstyle. In all three cases known to her, the buzzard terrorized blondes whose hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Apparently, the movements of the tail serve as an irritant for him.

The woman said that while walking with a friend, she met another blonde with a ponytail, who was attacked by a bird. The victim was in shock.

Hewson wrote a post on social media to warn others about the behavior of the bird, which the locals managed to give the nickname Bertie. In the comments, many users said that they also survived the attacks.

“This bird has attacked my son many times over the past few weeks!” wrote one of the users.

“I also became a victim of it when I ran! I was lucky, and the bird only touched the top of my head.

The last time I took a stick with me, ”said the second netizen.

Buzzards have a wingspan of 1.2 meters and live in villages, woodlands, swamps, moorlands, bushes, pastures and arable land.

As a rule, these birds do not attack people, but female buzzards can behave aggressively when protecting offspring.

Earlier it was reported that in the British city of Frome, Somerset, an eight-year-old boy was left with a bleeding hole on the top of his head after a swan attack.

According to the mother, the son is proud that he survived the bird attack, and is happy to share this story with others.


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