In India, doctors sound the alarm: Covid-19 patients are treated with cow dung

(ORDO NEWS) — In India, people are trying to treat coronavirus in a non-standard way. There are those who believe that cow dung is a cure for Covid-19. Doctors warn that such treatment is categorically contraindicated. On the contrary, bacteria in cow dung can cause other diseases.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

More than a quarter of a million people have died from the coronavirus in India today. Every day, according to statisticians, 330 thousand new cases of infection with a dangerous virus are recorded. Already today there is a sorely lack of medicines to provide assistance to all those in need.

The Indians have long used cow dung for medicinal purposes. This is one of the most popular ways to get rid of any disease using alternative medicine.

Doctors continue to educate people about the dangers of such treatment. But so far the results are disappointing. This method of recovery, on the contrary, increases the incidence rate. Hindus gather in groups of people and fumigate each other with smoke from smoldering dung. Close contact, violation of quarantine measures contributes to the rapid spread of coronavirus infection.


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