Tatooine planets on which life could be

(ORDO NEWS) — Astrophysicists have studied the planets of 9 solar systems to find out which of them may have life. Scientists said that it is easier to establish whether a planet is inhabited or not when it revolves around 1 star. In a new study, they studied the planets that exist in binary systems.

This is reported by Science Alert.

Astrophysicist Siegfried Eggle began researching the tatooine-like planets of binary systems several years ago. Dr. Siegfried has developed an entire system for detecting space objects that may have signs of life. This system takes into account all possible complications associated with the peculiarities of binary systems: 

  • gravitational interaction;
  • stellar radiation;
  • temperature regime, etc.

Now he and his colleagues are studying exoplanets that revolve around two stars. The data obtained with the Kepler telescope are also used to obtain information.

Of the 9 star systems, 2 were excluded at once, these are the Kepler 16 and Kepler-1647 systems. Of the remaining seven, 5 systems were selected that best fit the algorithm for detecting tatooine-like exoplanets.

The study showed that these stellar systems may contain habitable planets with liquid water, an atmosphere and a suitable temperature. Scientists will continue to research them for more accurate results.


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