In France, residents of high-rise buildings complained about the paranormal

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(ORDO NEWS) — On 23 May last year, the housing organization of the city of Fontenay-aux-Roses (Hauts-de-Seine) received an unusual letter.

Ten tenants living between the 1st and 5th floors of a residential building have applied for urgent relocation, according to the French edition

According to the residents, their housing, built in the 60s, is haunted by … ghosts.

Part of a letter written by the tenants is revealed: “All tenants affected by this incident will be able to justify what they saw, namely the ghosts appearing in our apartments and in the building. As a result, almost all families get sick and suffer along with their children.”

One of the residents of the house explained that strange phenomena began to occur after the death of one of his neighbors in April 2019.

Residents report feeling “presence, vague ailments, light bulbs and a shadow” in the form of a cloud. Mayor Laurent Vastel (Oudy) said he would go to the scene to investigate.

It is known that the reconstruction of this area is scheduled for 2030. 800 dilapidated residential buildings will be destroyed. If someone supposedly haunted by the paranormal is one of them, then ghosts and other “genies” will also eventually be “cast out”.


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