What is dangerous impostor syndrome, found out by German scientists

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers from Martin Luther University have found out the dangers of “imposter syndrome”.

People who systematically underestimate themselves and their results suffer from the so-called impostor syndrome.

A new study by scientists from the German Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg says that even the most intelligent people have this syndrome, which makes them more prone to developing mental problems.

The study involved 76 people. To test the level of intelligence, they were asked to perform several numerical and verbal tasks.

At the same time, scientists responded positively to the actions of all participants, regardless of the test results, after which they learned the personal opinion of the subjects about their work on the tests, writes Reedus.

As a result of the experiment, it turned out that the impostor syndrome manifests itself in people regardless of age, gender and level of intelligence of a person. In addition, it can cause a decrease in self-esteem, as well as increase the likelihood of developing depression.

Study lead author Kai Brouwer explained that people with a tendency to impostor syndrome discount their objectively measurable positive outcomes. In particular, they attribute them to external causes such as luck and chance rather than to their own abilities.

And while impostor syndrome is not defined as a mental illness, people who suffer from it are more prone to depression.

The authors of the study hope that the results of their work will help develop training programs that increase self-esteem, as well as improve the overall well-being of people with impostor syndrome.

Earlier, psychologist Olga Batueva spoke about how people with impostor syndrome can be “friends” with the inability to appropriate their own achievements and merits.

In order not to attribute success to luck or chance, the expert recommends making a plan for your achievements from kindergarten, including essays, as well as grades at school and even participation in competitions.


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