In Europe modernized medical exoskeleton

(ORDO NEWS) — French company Wandercraft has announced that its latest Atalante exoskeleton has been upgraded to allow paraplegics and other patients to walk more naturally during rehabilitation exercises.

Exoskeletons (or exos as they are known in the industry) are “wearable robots” adapted to each user, designed to assist in walking rehabilitation and restoring patient mobility.

The latest version of the Wandercraft exoskeleton is much smaller, more streamlined and more comfortable for patients, thanks to new hardware, improved fit and smarter software.

It is stated that he can balance himself even when pushed. The device also has features to make getting on and off easier, as well as a “Wander Balance” feature that allows you to easily “verticalize” to help the patient stand up.

Unfortunately, it is not yet approved for self-use, only in the presence of doctors.


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