Sanctions towards Russia are ‘impoverishing Europe’ – French MEP

Thierry Mariani said restrictions against Moscow had backfired on the countries that imposed them Western

Europe is on the brink of recession — It will suffer more than in 2008

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Rare and deadly virus is spreading in Europe

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Serious cooling will cover Europe in the next 30 years

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Anthropologists find Europe’s first murder victim

(ORDO NEWS) -- A Cro-Magnon man who tried to hide in a rock shelter was

Found one of the oldest settlements in Europe

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Anthropologists have found the oldest evidence of the use of bows and arrows in Europe

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Europe had the warmest January in 30 years

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Head of the ESA promises to return access to space to Europe

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Director General of the European Space Agency said that it is

Scientists have warned of a catastrophic drought in Europe

(ORDO NEWS) -- Europe is on the verge of a new catastrophe. This time, scientists

Scientists have told how Iceland will be able to feed Europe

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