In Europe, accidents occurred at three power plants: what is happening

(ORDO NEWS) — According to German media reports, a fire broke out at the Franken I power plant in Nuremberg. It is impossible to say exactly about the scale of the accident, but the authorities have already warned of possible problems with electricity.

Franken I is a very old power plant (it existed in 1913), but it was overhauled and the main elements were updated. What can burn in the modern system is not clear.

Problems at the power plant also occurred in Greece. The scale of the disaster turned out to be much larger there. The city of Athena was left without light. Electricity went out completely in the city of Energodar (Zaporozhye region, Ukraine).

An accident at the thermal power plant caused the city’s water pumps to shut down. As a result, residents were sitting not only without electricity, but also without water. Fortunately, the accident was quickly eliminated.

Judging from the outside, what is happening resembles some kind of system. One gets the impression that Europe is plunging into darkness in the literal sense: people are left without lighting. Perhaps someone is preparing some kind of scenario, but its purpose is a mystery. Will the power plant accidents continue – only time will tell.


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