Outbreak of unknown disease recorded in Tanzania

(ORDO NEWS) — People in Tanzania began to suffer from an unknown disease, the symptoms of which are vomiting of blood. Already 50 people have suffered, of which 15 died.

The Chunya district in Mbeya was recognized as the epicenter of the strange infection. A group of specialists was sent to the region to understand what was happening. It is important to find out in time why people vomit blood and die before the disease becomes widespread.

Authorities have ordered local water and patients’ blood to be tested for mercury. Among the patients – mostly men, moreover, with peptic ulcer and liver problems. Feliz Kisandro’s doctor advised against drinking beer, spirits and not buying. This doctor was soon suspended from his duties for dispelling panic.

People had similar symptoms in 2018, the official said. The authorities are urging to remain calm now, they promised to provide additional information soon. While the investigation is underway, residents continue to speculate about what happened.


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