In England, hundreds of sheep for no apparent reason walked in circles

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of England, when riding a bicycle past a field, saw strange circles. He immediately thought about the next messages from aliens, but the truth turned out to be more prosaic. So, for some reason, sheep walked in a circle.

Christopher Hogg passed about a kilometer from the circle, so he could not make out individual animals. When he drove up, he began to laugh. Initially, the closer the physics teacher at London College got, the more terrifying it got as the figure moved. However, the man quickly realized that there was nothing frightening and mystical.

hundreds of sheep

The animals danced around, thus creating an ellipsis. It’s strange why this hasn’t happened before, although Christopher rides this area every morning. Usually sheep are noisy and fussy, but on that day they looked ahead and calmly walked along a certain trajectory, as if someone had hypnotized them. The physicist was never able to explain the mysterious behavior of the creatures.


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